Our Balanced creations

"Perfect for the busy go -getter
No current goal but you
just wants to maintain
& eat healthy."

Sausage &
White Bean Chilli

sausage chilli

Balanced & satisfying,
with house made chips

481 CALS 32g PRO
17g FAT 50g CARBS

Cajun Chicken

cajun chicken

Boneless Chicken thighs
marinated in spices,
and served with
brown basmati rice,
steaned broccolo & sauteed
peppers & red onion

Chicken Pasta

chicken pasta

Herb marinated
chicken breast,
gluten free
chickpea pasta
with vegetables

440 CALS 33g PRO
12g FAT 44g CARBS

Beef Bolognese

beef bolo

Sprinkled with fresh parmesan,
with quinoa pasta

433 CALS 30G PRO
25g FAT 48g CARBS

Butter Chickpeas

butter chickpeas

Coconut milk based.
Served with quinoa,
and garnished with
hemp seeds

480 CALS 13g PRO
22g FAT 50g CARBS

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You shouldn't feel guilty when you eat!

We hope to cultivate your healthy relationship
with food by recreating comfort
classics in a healthier
macro-friendly way


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