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F45 FAQ’s

Yes, Just specify which one in your order notes.
Yes, with a few exceptions. Some exceptions include allergies/sensitivities. Menu items that aren't meal prep friendly- like lamb chops for example. For food safety reasons - no raw seafood will be served. Any changes you will be notified & menu items will be replaced by a 'challenge friendly' substitute from the F45 recipe library.
Yes, under each package (10,15 or 20 meals) are multiple week options. (2,4, & 8 weeks)
No problem, let us know via email by no later than the cutoff day Thursday at 6 pm. You can use that week at any time within the year.
Sharing is caring! However, the account holder is the only one to make payments(no split payments) & only 1 drop off address. However, your split is up to you.
Not at this time. We only provide Lunch and Dinner.

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